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What Our Community & Volunteers Have to Say

Yaqar project has been a great blessing to our ministry. Their prayers and support are making a big difference in our Ministry. Children are changing their lives into better. Their visit to us is tremendously incredible and valuable as we know each other better. Also we feel like a family in doing the work together for God's kingdom. I pray and hope for more visit in the future.
Naomi Withington
Home of Hope Ministries, President,
It was a pleasure for me to be part of this beautiful project by The Yaqar Project for the girls of the Shalom home, it was a dream come true for them to see their home in better condition and furnished. Seeing the happy faces of the girls was something very nice. Thank you so much The Yaqar Project for bringing Hogar Shalom girls' home back to life. It was a pleasure for me to meet you.
The Shalom Home, Manager
Yaqar project is very good to us. They brought so many things for us every time they came. We love them. They are also helping us improve our lives quality by supporting us financially. I want them to come back to us all the time. We all like it. God bless them all.
Zipporah Chithung
Home of Hope
We’re all very happy and grateful with you guys for being part of our lives; and for your huge help improving our home; it all looks beautiful.
The Shalom Home
Hi. A pleasure to greet you. Thanks a lot for your help for the Shalom Home, sincerely, thank you so much. It has been a huge change because the house looks so pretty, thanks for the donations and for caring about the girls. I’m Keyri, and I’m very grateful for the work you’ve done; it has been a beautiful experience to share this time and collaborate with you guys. Thanks for everything.
The Shalom Home
Hi Yesica, I'm Nahomy. It was a pleasure to meet you all. You are very charismatic and beautiful. For me, the change in the house is very important because it gives it more color and life, it fills us with great joy to see every detail that made everything very beautiful, even so, every time we go down to the kitchen when we see that, for me I’m always going to remember you guys and I am going to thank God because it was also thanks to Him that all of this became possible and we are going to start cooking with enthusiasm and joy with everything you guys bought. Thank you very much because not just anyone is going to come and do something like that: something so cute and so much patience for us. I love you guys very much, and I admire you for that great love that you have for us, and I ask God to bless you all greatly.
The Shalom Home
Well, first of all, thanking you for leaving us the most beautiful house, it was a beautiful experience to be able to share with you during the short time that you gave us, thank you because you are wonderful people and I know that you put your best effort to be able to share with us and thank you for that we hope you come back and can share your beautiful time with us.
The Shalom Home