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Of all the destinations in Europe, Greece has been one of the destinations most affected by unaccompanied minors. These children primarily reach the country transiting through the Eastern Mediterranean and passing through Turkey.

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They come from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Palestine.

It has been suggested that unaccompanied minors are some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

They are often victims of torture or sexual violence, and they struggle to find adequate housing or nutrition. Greece is often only a stop on the way to a final destination in Central or Northern Europe, where refugees can hope to reunite with family or friends. Many refugees arrive by boat to Greece from Turkey or other countries, and others walked the coast from Turkey into Thessaloniki. There are currently 24 Mainland refugee camps in Greece and seven island camps.

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The Hard Truth

  • 44,500 refugee and migrant children in Greece
  • 4,000 refugee children currently still unaccompanied in Greece
  • 15% or less of children living in camps are able to attend schools
  • 25% of unaccompanied refugee children are homeless and squatting with unknown adults
  • 100% of unaccompanied refugee children are facing an emotional health crisis
  • 72% of Syrian Refugee children in Greece show signs of clinical depression
  • 87% of Syrian Refugee children in Greece show signs of PTSD

Who the Yaqar Project Works with:

The Home Project

The Home Project cares for unaccompanied children whose families and lives are wrecked by war and persecution, empowering them to persevere and grow into active citizens.

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They rescue children from the streets, camps, police stations, detention centers and welcome them in the safety of their homes in Athens. The Home project currently operates 14 children’s homes where children are cared for, provided safety, provided healthcare, provided education, and helped to integrate into Greek society.

When possible, The Home Project helps the children they house to connect with family members in other parts of Europe. Since its foundation in 2016, the Home Project has housed and serviced over 990 children. Part of the services provided to these children is equipping them for the workplace, and the Home Project makes intentional effort to hire as many of it’s graduates as possible. Of the 170 jobs currently comprising the Home project, over half are refugees.

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Discover Ways You Can Help Hurting Children of the World:

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