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India is the country with the largest number of orphaned children anywhere in the world. Approximately one in every ten children is orphaned via loss of parents, abandonment, or trafficking. There is so much need for the hurting children in India, and we are thankful to be part of the efforts. Our Indian Community is made up of organizations who are working to improve the life quality and future of children in this country on a daily basis.

Home of Hope

Home of Hope operates as a youth hostel and safe haven for children suffering severe abuse and neglect in the homes of parents struggling with addictions.

Helping needy children Yaqar Project

The children at Home of Hope are not required to stay, but are rather offered a place of peace and opportunity to be part of a community. They work, study, eat and live together in the dormitory under the supervision of the founder, Naomi Withington, and her family. Naomi teaches the children independence, manners, English, and propriety. She operates an efficient and structured household, and the children find in Home of Hope a place where they can live and grow without fear and struggle.

The Withingtons also founded and operate a school in the local village, where the children who reside at Home of Hope are from. The school provides free education to over one hundred students, as well as regular meals, and an inventory of necessities to fill needs that arise. Home of Hope is in need of long-term volunteers such as English teachers, and is an excellent short term volunteer opportunity, with the primary focus of service being connection, fun, and adventures with the children who reside there.

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The Hard Truth

  • 29.6 Million stranded, orphaned and abandoned children live in India
  • 5 Thousand or less  make it to institutionalized care
  • 4 Thousand or less get adopted annually
  • 8 Million children from five to twelve years old serve as child labor
  • 32% or less of children who begin education will complete high school
  • 27% of girls in India are married before legal adulthood & many vulnerable boys are sold to extremist groups as child soldiers

The Grace Kennett Foundation

In operation for over eighty years, the Grace Kennett Foundation is an orphanage in Southern India, completely funded and sustained by various businesses established within its walls to do so.

The Grace Kennett Foundation operates, in addition to the orphanage, a cutting-edge burn hospital, a seamstress, a café, and an AirBnb, all of which ensure the orphanage is supported with all the staff and supplies needed to provide more than sufficient care and ensure that each child who they receive is found a family as quickly as possible, typically within two years of arrival.

The Grace Kennett foundation, while not pursuing outside funding, is thrilled to be able to host volunteers, who will find they can be of service either in the hospital or in the orphanage, holding and caring for the children.

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Helping needy children Yaqar Project

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