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The Yaqar Project is always looking for volunteers.

Supply Drive

Adopt a Project

Projects can be adopted by individuals, groups, churches, businesses, schools, etc. This provides an opportunity to look through the organizations that make up our community and their requests and needs. If you decide to adopt their project, we will help you set goals for timelines and provide you all the information and media we are able to help you fundraise the amount needed to see that project completed. You will get direct and personalized feedback on the project on a regular basis until it’s completion and periodically afterward.

More Ways to Serve from Home

Host & Work Events

We raise awareness through community events and need individuals willing to set up, take down, and attend events. This is a huge part of expanding our volunteer base and meeting the needs of our community. If you live outside of our area, but have a passion for helping us raise awareness, we will set up a planning meeting with you to assist you in taking this on in your area, and we know this would make a huge impact.

Manage Donations

We collect child-centric donations to provide our partners with resources such as clothing, toiletries, and other supplies. We need people to collect, sort, organize, and prepare donations to be delivered by shipment or teams to our partners.

Join In Fundraising

We have a lot of options for fundraising, and with a community that currently serves over 700 children, there are always needs to be met. You can help by attending and participating in existing fundraisers, adopting a project, donating items for auction, advocating through online fundraisers, or heading your own fundraiser. We also partner with an incredible program for teens called Be the Change, which works to teach children and teens their value through service.

Kids For Kids

We love to see kids serving other kids! Each year we will have a Red Wagon Drive in the Spring and an ornament making fundraiser in the Fall and these are great opportunities for your kids to be part of a collective effort. There are also opportunities for kids to raise money through Be the Change or for groups such as clubs to take on a project.

Spread The Word

We need you to help us get the word out! Retail owner's can do this easily with our sticker program, or by highlighting our project in their storefront. We also need people to repost and advocate online as social media ambassadors.

Expand The Network

We need introductions and presentation opportunities. We need the chance to sit with your neighbor or your friend over coffee, to share our vision, and to expand our circle. Your connections and your community can help us expand ours.

Volunteer your Skills

We are a young organization but growing rapidly. We need volunteers with professional skills which can be an asset to the growth of this project. If you have a skill you’d like to offer, please let us know. We are, and intend to always remain, eager to learn and develop.

Blessings Bag Yaqar Project

Blessings Bag

Every organization we partner with needs supplies, clothing, toiletries, and other items for the children they serve. A great way to help meet this need is through our Blessing Bag Program. With the blessing bag program, individuals or groups of people receive and decorate linen bags. You will also receive a list of needed donations from our Partner organization. These bags are then filled with donations and shipped or carried to the hands of a child in need.

Helping needy children Yaqar Project

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