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In Honduras, 70% of children live in homes classified as being below the poverty line. Many of these homes do not have clean water, and many of these children work to help support the household.

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Over half of the families in Honduras are single mothers, and an estimated forty three percent of children do not live with their parents because they have departed for another nation for work or cannot sustain enough resources for the family size. Public and private schools are available to children, but three out of four children leave school between the ages of twelve and eighteen. The Honduran people are warm and hardworking, and many of the children express admiration and love of their culture and country, but they struggle to find opportunities or avenues for success.

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The Hard Truth

Approximately 10 percent of Ukraine’s orphans are “legal” orphans without family ties who are able to be adopted. Ninety percent of the children in Ukraine’s orphanage system are social orphans, whose parents are unable to care for them, whether due to poverty, alcoholism, or the special needs of the child.

  • 150,000 known orphans in Honduras as of 2019
  • 23% of the rural population of Honduras do not have drinking water
  • 90% of children living on the streets temper hunger with “Resistol” or shoe glue
  • 11% of children are married by 15 years old
  • 16% of children are employed in agriculture, factories, mining, fishing or other labor
  • 65% of children who are receiving an education in Honduras will not finish high school
  • 40% or more of all Honduran children have been victims of sexual violence before reaching adulthoo

The Yaqar Project Works with:

Shalom Home

This safe house for young women was founded about fifteen years ago by a Honduran woman named Harriet and has since housed dozens of girls leaving dangerous situations as they recover and find their feet.

Yaqar Project Helping Children Donate

Harriet was moved to teach woman their value in her local communities and was consistently brought stories of trafficking, abuse, and other suffering. Whether brought by family or rescued in the dead of the night, every young woman at the Home has come from a situation of trafficking or severe abuse.

The Shalom Home currently houses twelve girls ranging from thirteen to twenty-five years old. In the past, it has been home to up to eighteen girls, some as young as eleven or twelve, and some pregnant on arrival. The Home is maintained by volunteers and the education and living expenses of the young women are funded by sponsors.

Give Hope 2 Kids

GiveHope2Kids is a Family-Centered Community, raising kids who were once orphaned or abandoned in loving, Honduran families.

Yaqar Project Helping Children Donate

Founded by Jason and Sarah Furrow, this ministry places great value on the Honduran culture and people, and strives to empower Hondurans to better their lives and the lives of those around them. The staff at GiveHope2Kids is full of laughter and knowledge, and children raised in the foster communities created often seek to stay and reinvest in the next generation. This ministry creates foster communities on their campuses, which include about five to six houses, each filled with a Honduran family with biological and orphaned children.

The house fathers all work for the ministry to maintain vehicles, houses, and safety, and the house mothers’ parent orphaned children alongside their biological children with passion and protectiveness for both. GiveHope2Kids values a rural, Christ-centered, Honduran-based upbringing for their kids. They are committed to raising and educating vulnerable children until they’re independent adults with hope for a brighter future.

Hogar de Amor

Hogar de Amor -or Home of Love- is an orphanage located in La Ceiba, Honduras.

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At any given time Hogar de Amor houses over twenty children, many of which have experienced traumatic physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or were simply abandoned. Through encouragement, counseling, education, and prayer Hogar de Amor seeks to help these children grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive adults. Children attend church three times per week. Each child also attends a free private school founded by Helping Honduran Kids, the same organization which established Hogar de Amor, which provides noon meals for all the children in attendance.

The new building for Hogar de Amor opened in 2013 after relocation from the previous facility was forced by gang violence. Helping Honduran Kids is now working to create self-sustainability for Hogar de Amor through agriculture and livestock.

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Yaqar Project Helping Children Donate

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